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How to Contact Aldon Chemical

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Do you want assistance right now with your project?

There is always a little more to your project than you or we understand - yet!

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On your phone | have no time | a contractor on the job site and need assistance? Just email to Expedited Project Advice with as much information as possible. One or two pictures also if you like. (Please no more than two pictures and of small size so it does not slow down the servers.)

Question about an order in process:
To contact us about an order in process - see the contact email address on your order email. Remember, we ship all orders the same day if received early enough - usually about noon warehouse time. If you need to make a change, we will need to know quickly and we will do the best we can to catch it. Sorry, but after it ships we will have to charge for the cost to bring it back. If it is delivered to you, it cannot be brought back and resold as described on the checkout page. So, please order carefully.

Unexpected results with an Aldon product?
Relax! Understand these things first and then we can assist you to your goals!
  • We do not try to "Sell" you, therefore, we do not make performance claims that are not true.

  • All our products do exactly what we describe. That may not be the same thing as doing what you want, but if we understand what you want we usually have ways to get you there.

  • Hopefully you found any unexpected results with patch testing - and that is a good thing! That is exactly why we recommend testing. Sometimes the job conditions are not what you were told or you thought. Don't worry! Everything is fixable if the cause is understood. All we need is to understand what you see and why it is not what you expected. Tell us about it and we will be able to advise you what to do next.

Telephone us?
First we need the facts of the project - large or small. Send us this and then we will take the next step for you.