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Please note: if you will be inquiring about more than one surface type project area, send us this form with information about only one of them.  Then send in the form again with information about the next one.  Otherwise, it could get confusing.

You are: (select one)
(Half our volume goes to DIY folks for their first project - no prior experience needed.)

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Square footage of project : ( Select one for product "quantity needed" estimates)

SURFACE TYPE in this project area: ..... (It is VERY IMPORTANT for us to know the surfacing type)

  1. Please see  Surface Types  for your surfacing to confirm it is what you were told.  It may be different than you thought and that is very important to your choices.
  2. Your project may fit more than one of the below categories so be sure to select all that apply on this project because we will be telling you very important things about each of these selected.
  3. If you have more than one project area with different surface types or needs, keep them separate and send in another form so that each form deals with a unique area. This will eliminate confusion.

Brick,clay - medium to high absorption (these will uniformly darken and absorb a water drop in a few seconds)
Brick,clay - low to very low absorption (it takes a minute or more for a water drop to absorb)
Brick,clay -soft, old or the "Used" type - high absorption ( all brick absorb a water drop immediately)
Concrete block or concrete brick - always highly absorbent.
Concrete or Clay Driveway Pavers - sometimes called "interlocking" type, these are 2 " or more in thickness, usually installed on a sand or crushed rock base with sand joints - very dense and low in absorption range. These are not the same as other, thinner types of surfacing called pavers (brick, tile, stone) but used for other than driveway flooring.
Concrete slab - with or without color treatments (integral, acid stain colorants) - outdoors or indoors - curing enhancement/ curing compound
Concrete, stamped with a pattern - usually colored - outdoors or indoors - curing enhancement / curing compound
Concrete slab, exposed aggregate - outdoors or indoors - curing enhancement / curing compound
Concrete tile - cement body, multiple colors and finishes ( Encaustic is one type) See below for clay tile.
Granite - polished - no absorption
Granite - honed, flamed, sand blasted - low to high absorption
Grout or mortar only (not treating the surfacing material)
Grout or mortar (and treating the surfacing at the same time)
Grout - Does yours include additives (names like "poly..", "modified", "fortified", "stain resistant", etc.)
Marble, Limestone - polished - no absorption (Marble and Limestone are the same material)
Marble, Limestone - honed - low absorption (Marble and limestone have the same concerns)
Marble, Limestone - travertine, tumbled, filled - (These types add some other issues to consider)
Stone, Natural - medium to high absorption darkens and absorbs a water drop  in a few seconds
       (i.e. flagstone, sandstone, Bluestone, some limestones)
       To prevent confusion - It really helps if you give us the type or name of the stone:
Stone, Natural - dense, low absorption (i.e. slate, quartzite, river rock, some limestones and travertines)
       To prevent confusion - It really helps if you give us the type or name of the stone
Stone - man made from cement - Cultured Stone is a common term for this product . (if you can't tell from
      natural stone: cement fizzes on contact with a drop of pool acid unless a sealer is present. )
Tabletop (Patio), island, or counter of stone, tile, marble, slate, limestone - outdoor or indoor
Terrazzo or Agglomerate - tiles or large section poured in place slabs
Tile, metal - copper, stainless steel, mild or cold rolled steel, brass, etc.
Tile, metallic glaze - not metal, but can look that way. A metallic glaze on a clay body.
Tile, non-absorbent: porcelain (inc. "stone looking"), mosaic, kiln fired glazed, or other
       that does not darken from a water drop.
             To prevent confusion - It really helps if you give us the type & name of the tile
Tile or other, pre-sealed (sealer applied by the factory, the seller, or the installer before grouting.)
Tile, quarry tile type
Tile, clay, absorbent - will darken from a water drop (i.e. Mexican Saltillo tile, terracotta tile, many others
       including some represented incorrectly to be non-absorbent) See above for "Concrete Tile".
             To prevent confusion - It really helps if you give us the type & name of the tile
A surfacing not listed here called   Include every descriptive name you were given, but remember it is the true tested absorption that determines the sealer choice first, then the appearance and other goals from there.   You can also see "Surface Types" to find a type that has characteristics as close as possible to yours.  This will give you a starting point to begin testing.

This surfacing:

Absorption Characteristics that exist now in the area to be treated?

Note 1: Any amount of darkening means the water is absorbing. Therefore, so will a staining liquid. That means it should be sealed. Remember, there is a difference between a sealer having been applied in the past, and the concept that the project was actually sealed then or now.
Note 2: You will see reference to a "water drop absorption test" in numerous places.  It is described here and is something you should do before submitting this form and deciding on a sealer.

What do you see after one minute when you put a drop (only a drop) of water on the surfacing? (Do this randomly in multiple places of surfacing and grout.)

              For example: no darkening on tile, but does darken on grout - or some tiles darken and others do not
                - or some grout sections darken and others do not.

Sealer History:  Has this project had a sealer on it anytime in its history? "YES" means it MAY need to be removed before applying a new sealer or coating. (See Problem Solving - "Redoing a Previously Sealed Surface").

  1. Contrary to some opinions, acid does not remove (strip) a sealer and should not be used inside a house.
  2. When silicone or fluorochemical type sealers have been applied in the past, they can be difficult to remove completely. After stripping, test with water drops. If the water drops darken underneath they are penetrating and then it is reasonable to assume one of our highly penetrating solvent based sealers will also penetrate enough to achieve a good bond. However, test first.
No - sealer has never been applied and I know from personal observation - including watching the installation process and asking the installer if something was used as a grout release (to make easy cleanup).
No - sealer has never been applied according to the installer, the factory, or the seller.
No - but the installer said they used a "grout release". ( A non-Aldon grout release is typically a weak sealer and that creates issues.  If their label mentions some stain repelling type qualities, you have some sealer there.)
No - and there is nothing on the packaging to indicate sealing by the manufacturer or seller was done.
Yes - I saw a sealer applied
Yes - I did not see it, but they tell me a sealer was applied
Yes - I can see the sealer peeling off or turning color or otherwise failing.
    What is that old sealer?   Sealer Mfg name:   Product name:
    What is the grout?  Grout Mfg name:   Product name & color:
Yes - But, that sealer was removed with a stripper that was not Aldon Premium Stripper.
Yes - But, what was used was oil (linseed, motor, etc.) AND/OR wax.
Yes - a sealer is there and working fine. It beads water and looks good.
? - I have no idea if a sealer has ever been applied.

What are your goals for this project?   (Check all that apply)

Results from an Aldon product not what you expected?: If your inquiry relates to you having used an Aldon product and the results were not what you expected - do not worry. It means the job conditions were not what you thought because the products really do exactly what we describe.  The thing to do next is go to  the products list page - select the product - go down the page and click the  clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick  button.  If that page does not answer you immediately, you have something very unusual.  Do not continue with this form. Back up and select the form for when an Aldon product has been used..


Clean/Prevent oil or grease stains, and all other typical stains from food or other spills, glass rings.
Clean/Prevent white powdery stains (white stuff) that have come out of the surfacing (efflorescence) and are not from an old sealer coming apart. (if caused by water leakage, also check the box below for "Leaking"
Clean/Prevent white powdery stains that have been deposited on the surfacing (mineral deposits).
Clean/Prevent smears on tile/brick that were left from the grouting process
Clean/Prevent mineral stains (rust, etc.) coming from within stone
Clean/Prevent algae or mold stains (black, green, brown discolorations)
Clean and restore original grout condition
Remove old sealers, coatings, waxes, paint (inc. epoxies), very severe stains, etc.
Clean/Prevent stains from sap, fruit trees, leaves, bird droppings, etc.

Prevent a problem from happening:

Stop efflorescence (white, powdery stains coming out from within the surfacing) - if caused by water leakage, also check the box below for "Leaking".
Stop mineral stains (rust, etc.) coming from within stone
Stop surface damage created by freezing of subsurface moisture (spalling)
Protect the surface from all stains (spills, pets, food, etc.)
Install tile / stone / brick without needing harmful acid cleaning of grout scum residue
Never have to seal it again and/or protect from traffic wear
Achieve lowest maintenance level - click here to see Aldon Problem Solving section for "Floor Care Program ")

Correct existing problems or make improvements:

Renew a glossy finish on an Aldon solvent base penetrating sealer (SBS, PSS, PPS, MX) .
Change an Aldon sealer already applied to a different Aldon sealer.
Strengthen/repair weak areas and stop pop outs, powdering, flaking, splitting, holes (not grout cracks - see next for that issue) in tile, slate, and other soft or layered materials.
Prevent or repair cracks & chips in grout and/or surfacing .
Large concrete slab curing: prevent shrinkage cracking, provide higher ultimate strength, single step sealing and curing compound the same or next day as pouring the slab.
Make dull colors come alive, blend together color differences
Too late. You did not know about Aldon Grout Easy and now you need to remove the smears from the grout residue
Improve a dirt grabbing texture to make it easy to clean.
Keep sand/stone dust from coming out of paver joints (joint stabilization) - seal at the same time
Repair scratches or marks on marble, limestone, cement from acidic liquids (wine, fruit juice, some cleaners, etc.)
Fix white, gray, or hazy - patches or large areas
Repair a color tint effect or create a color tint effect before sealing or during sealing.
Leaking?  Sealing to mitigate or stop water intrusion.
Slippery?  It is not sealed and is too slippery, especially when wet. (glazed, unglazed, stone, etc.)
SlipperyIt is sealed and is now too slippery, especially when wet.

Sealing - how do I get the effect of:   (Note - Aldon sealers do not chemically break down, and if applied per
                 label directions will last many years. )

Seal without changing color
Seal and enhance colors
Seal and retard cracking while improving strength of newly installed concrete slabs or grout
Seal and achieve the "wet look"
Seal without adding gloss
Seal and create a little gloss (matte finish)
Seal and create a medium gloss
Seal and add a high gloss
Seal and not make it slippery when dry or wet
Seal before or after grouting?

What part of the building is being treated? (check all that apply and include all areas of the project )

Flooring / paving Wall Ceiling

Tabletop (see "Surface Type" section above)

Indoors Outdoors Patio / walkway Deck above ground level
Shower / tub Driveway Pond, Waterfall, Fountain Deck at spa / pool / hot tub
Kitchen (floor and/or counter tops) Bathroom Garage floor Other:

Which picture of an Aldon sealer on your surfacing material in the  Surface Types section shows the finished look you want, or close to it? (You can select more than one) All Aldon sealers resist ultraviolet rays and sunlight damage and are used indoor & outdoors in every weather condition..  All the sealers resist stains.  They vary with other characteristics (color enhancement, strengthening weak surfaces, stopping efflorescence, and gloss level) effects. None break down and require reapplication in a year or less as with most other companies sealers.
Same Day Sealer
Crystal Glaze
S-B-S Sealer
Fine Stone Sealer
I do not find the look on my surface that I want. I want the look to be

Other miscellaneous questions you might have:

How do I calculate the quantity I need?
How do I order & acquire Aldon products?
What tools do I use?
Can you recommend a contractor who uses Aldon products in my area?
Is it true that some sealers can create problems and maintenance instead of preventing them?
How do I acquire material safety data sheets (MSDS)?
How do I find product pricing & shipping cost, product container sizes, quantity needed guidelines?
How do I test to see if my surface has been sealed in the past?
Questions about a sealer breathing out moisture?
Can I apply a sealer on top of (paint, other sealer, etc.) to solve a problem underneath?
Questions about a sealer resisting break down (from sun UV rays, temperature, time, etc.) ?
I am concerned about health issues using chemicals - to myself, adults, children, pets. ? (fumes, allergy, etc.)
How can I reduce the odor that all petroleum solvent products have, including Aldon's.
What are the sealer considerations with in-floor heating systems or for use around wood stoves/fireplaces?
How do I match up a new batch of the same surface type to the old installation (old sealer, color, gloss)?
How do I match up an Aldon sealer to another companies sealer on an adjacent section (color & gloss)?
Can I install a new surfacing on top of my old (VCT/vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, etc.) ?
Can you identify my surface type if I send a picture?
How can I seal a pool deck/patio and not have it hot under bare feet ?
Does Aldon have any training videos or materials ?
Which product do I use first, how long do I wait, what tools do I use, how do I prepare the area, etc.?
I am under a tight time schedule.  Can I vary from the Aldon label instructions on time between steps?
How can I treat small areas and continue to work or live in the area being treated?
Are the solvent products flammable?)
What is the shelf life (storage life) of Aldon products?
How do I find Aldon dealers?
My project has another manufacturer's sealer that is no longer available . What do I do?
How does Aldon work with international manufacturers needing Aldon products to enhance their own?
I am a bit confused with the large amount of information on the Aldon web site. Can you help me?
I am in a hurry to meet a deadline. Can this be expedited?

The questions above give us the basics we need to understand the nature of the surfacing, any problems you are having with it, and what it is you want to accomplish. This space is for anything ADDITIONAL that you think is helpful.

Please note: We can only assist you with grouting, cleaning, sealing, and care of your surfacing.   We cannot tell you how to prepare for or actually install new tile or stone. You need to ask a contractor about that.

Aldon's terms of service for technical support:
Aldon can only assume that the information you provide herein is accurate.  Based on that information, and any information later provided to us, we may make certain suggestions as to products and/or techniques to test.  Aldon products do everything we describe, but only your testing will give you the information to decide if the products will do what you want. If you do not see the results you expect from testing, that is a benefit.  It tells you your diagnosis may have been incorrect, or conditions exist of which you were not aware.  We will assist you when you then give us feedback on the results.  All of Aldon's terms and conditions of sale as posted on the web site apply. Suggestions from Aldon stemming from this request for assistance do not effect those terms and conditions of sale.

(Please read the coming page confirming this request has been sent to us and note - we answer every one of these requests.)

Remember - you need to adjust any spam filter to receive our reply.

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