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You will hear or see other companies recommending sealer application tools that Aldon says to NOT use. First, read this page on application METHODS for sealers to understand why we make the following comments about different application tools:

  • Roller wheels on bottle tops: We do not supply this kind of applicator because it will only put a light coating on the surface of grout and not the "deep penetration" sealer application that is needed.
  • Sponge or rag: these will only "wipe on" a light coating. They absorb the sealer instead of letting the liquid penetrate.
  • Sponge brushes: Same as above, plus a petroleum solvent based sealer will melt the sponge and leave particles in the sealer.
  • Spray: Any of the "penetrating" type sealers can be sprayed if the surface does not allow for the "pour and spread" technique. However, this is providing you remember that the sprayer is only a tool to apply a definite liquid layer to the surface. The tendency with a sprayer is to forget this and end up with only a light paint job that did not provide enough liquid to penetrate into the surfacing.
  • Pads, non-rotating paint rollers, etc.: These are fine providing you use the "pour and spread" technique with them. Streaking means you are not following that method.
  • All tools for a petroleum solvent based sealer must be classified "solvent resistant" or the sealer will melt them. Plastic and rubber will melt.