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Although polished granite will bead water, there may be sufficient small pinholes and fissures (invisible to the naked eye) that will allow the entrance of a highly staining liquid if that liquid is not cleaned up immediately. Phenol based cough syrup, some fruit juices, etc. have managed to do this.

First, try the "Insta-Clean" saturate and blot technique.

If that doesn't work, consider the following.

We have suggested an experimental technique that seems to have improved the situation. Based on the theory that if you can further liquify and dilute the stain, it may travel further below the surface and improve appearance - you could try saturating with lacquer thinner . This may dilute the stain and carry it further down. Or, it could make it worse! Experiment!


Any attempt at stain removal has the possibility of spreading the stain and making it worse. Every situation is unique and you must proceed with caution, patch test, and allow plenty of time (days) to evaluate the results.

Sometimes cleaning is a trial and error process. The cause of the problem might be different than thought, or have multiple causes and results that must be handled in steps. In rare cases, it cannot be cleaned. Proceed as though it is an experiment whose results must be evaluated.

Any Aldon cleaner has more than one purpose. It is not limited to only this cleaning project.