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It is a very common situation that every "expert" you ask will give you different and conflicting information about an issue. You may get that same feeling from us because you don't know who to believe. This leaves you confused and wondering what to do. The answer is: believe nobody, including us. Only believe what you can prove for yourself.

You have to exercise a little common sense and evaluate your sources of information. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is it their business to make money out of peoples problems? (Yes we do sell products for problem solving, but you will see we are not trying to do anything more than give you guidance for decision making.)
  • Is it possibe this is a minor problem and more is being made out of it than is necessary? (This is quite common.)
  • The more involved and complex the problem is portrayed, the more it costs to fix it. Is it really this big a deal? (Our web site will help you here.)
  • Am I hearing lots of technical jargon that is impressive, but doesn't explain what is going on in understandable terms? (Also quite common)
  • Do I really want to put all my faith and money into somebody else's opinions, or do I want to learn a little myself and do some simple testing so I can make better judgements? (The web site will help).
  • Beside the money, time, and aggravation - Do I want to move furniture out of rooms more than once?
  • Does an installer say about some problem - "It will go away on its own." Sometimes, but rarely, this might be true. Check the issue on our web site to evaluatate it.
  • Does an installer say "You do not need to seal it"? Logic says that if a water drop will simply darken the surface with even slight penetration, then a staining material can do the same. Review the surfacing at  Surface Types 

Here is how to proceed:

  • Review the web site sections that address your issues.
  • Note that we have not tried to get you to buy a product. Only presented the features of a product and what you should expect from it. You can take that information and purchase our competitors products.
  • Note that we have not made wild claims of miracle performance and guaranteed results.
  • Note that we have given you ways to test and prove the results.
  • After doing a little research on the web site , ask the experts the same questions and use your common sense to judge the value of the answers. Do not be surprised that you know more about your particular issues than they do.
  • Last, do whatever makes you the most comfortable. If you feel that you are being "pushed" by your contractor/consultant in a direction that makes you uncomfortable - keep in mind:

    Any hired person who will listen to your directions and follow our label instructions will do as good a job, or better, than professionals who try to convince you that their way is the only way.

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