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Graffiti Program

The key to a good graffiti program is that it must be quick, easy, and cost effective. The more this is so, the faster will be the response to remove the graffiti. The less time the "artist" has to admire their work, the less likely they are to repeat it.

Aldon "Premium Stripper" will easily remove the graffiti. However, to prevent paint being absorbed into the surfacing and making the job more difficult - it should be appropriately sealed.

The suggested program includes

to remove the existing graffiti.

 Use Insta-Clean if there is no graffiti and only dirt, grease, oils, etc. needs to be cleaned off.

  • One of Aldon's sealers that can build at least a little bit of gloss. The sealer creates a surface that is easier to clean, or if a very bad situation - the sealer can be removed and graffiti on top of the sealer comes off with it. Then, reapply the sealer.


    • The sealer will create the desired gloss level appearance.
    • The sealer retards or prevents the graffiti paint from seeping into the surface, thereby making it easier to clean. In some cases, a brush and Aldon "Insta-Clean" may be all that is required.
    • If necessary, the sealer is easily removed in selected areas with Aldon "Premium Stripper" (taking the graffiti with it). As "Premium Stripper" removes epoxy and urethane sealers, graffiti paint is quite easy.
    • "Premium Stripper" is a controllable semi-gel that can be confined to a small area.
    • The sealer is easy to replace in that area without showing a difference.
    • Indian slate
    • Unsealed at yellow arrow
    • Sealed at red arrow
    • Black spray paint graffiti
    Indian slate with graffiti
    "Premium Stripper" applied at arrow
    Semi-gel formula allows small, controlled area to be cleaned.
    Premium Stripper at arrow
    Paint comes off with a rag
    Graffiti wiped off on rag
    Graffiti wiped off at arrow
    "Premium Stripper" allows controlled removal of small areas.
    Graffiti removed