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Restoring Grout Finish When Eaten Away By Acid Overuse

This is not an uncommon occurrance as some installers use muriatic acid to remove grout residue. It would not have happened if they had used Aldon "Grout Residue Remover".

First Step:

Remove stains and old coatings as discussed elsewhere in Problem Solving. "Insta-Clean" is the product for safe removal of food stains and other dirt.


Wrap sandpaper around a round wooden dowel of whatever diameter will match your grout joints. Increase sandpaper grit fineness as needed to end up matching the rest of the grout texture. Next:

Seal the grout and the tile with Aldon "S-B-S Sealer".

This will provide:

  • Some disguising of any remaining stains or discolorations
  • Strengthening of the grout
  • Strengthening of the grout bond to the tile edge


It the tile are sealed also, finish with Aldon "Lifeguard" for additional gloss and wear protection.