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To Convert A Polished Surface to "Honed" (smooth, soft feeling, matte finish) Or Further To The "Antiqued, Aged" look.

In addition to changing a hard, cold look to a soft, warm look, this process also improves traction.
(Note: muriatic acid is dangerous to use in this process, especially inside a home)

From high gloss polish - to matte finish:

Using the exact same technique as restoring a honed finish, apply "Fine Stone Restoration" to polished marble or limestone to bring the polish level down to matte. Once done, it is expensive to restore a high polish, so experiment first.

From high gloss polish, or honed finish - to aged, antiqued look:

Use the techniques as above, except use the more aggressive product - "Grout Residue Remover". Dilute with at least 10 parts water and test. Make stronger as required to achieve the desired effect. Technique can be varied any way you like:

  • Nothing but the liquid
  • Liquid plus any acid resistant spreading tool
  • Liquid plus sponge sanding block and/or #0000 steel wool
Typically, the liquid alone will eat a little deeper some places than others due to varying stone density. This can create a pleasant, slightly knobby texture that resembles 100's of years of foot traffic.

Once done, it is expensive to restore a high polish, so experiment first.

clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick
"Grout Residue Remover" eating away the polished finish.

Sealing the converted surface is highly recommended.

On completion, you will have stone with increased absorption characteristics that makes it easy to seal. See the page on "tumbled marble" for material characteristics that are similar and sealing suggestions.

Your results from any process may vary due to differences in surfacing characteristics. Please test carefully.