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Can you paint over old, ugly grout?

Yes, but Aldon does not produce these paints or colorants for a reason. We believe there are better options to consider first. Grout colorants can be considered as the last resort before grout removal.


  • The look created is usually artificial. You lose the texture of real grout.
  • They are difficult to apply. It is extremely tedious to try to keep off the tile edges and wipe off the mistakes before it dries.
  • Grout colorants are available from many manufacturer's in many different formula types. Some are epoxy based and very difficult to remove. See our "Premium Stripper" if you need to remove one.
Our preference is to first try Aldon "Grout Restoration" to restore the grout, then seal with one of our sealers designated "color enhancing" because these sealers tend to disguise any remaining minor color differences.

Can you paint over old, ugly tile? Yes, but

There are three options to consider

  • Remove and replace (you know that and don't want the hassle and expense).
  • Tile over the old tile (see your tile store about the details)
  • Paint over the surface
Painting requires:
  • A paint rated to bond to a very slick surface
  • Roughen the surface with sand paper to provide a better "mechanical" bond for the paint.
  • Test first to be sure you are happy long term with the results.