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Sand joints have a stabilizer, but it is failing.

Because some sand stabilizers on the market are of a type that have sealer characteristics, the remedy for this is similiar to the "Redoing a Previously Sealed Surface" page in  Problem Solving , but also a bit different. Consider this:

  • The stabilizer has probably been applied to the surfacing face edges during the application process. This can interfere with the penetration and adhesion of a new sealer.
  • Test carefully with the sealer to see the penetration and bonding into the surfacing and the joint sand.
  • If there is a problem detected over a few weeks with the test area, you will need to review the "Redoing a Previously Sealed Surface" page. Strip the surfacing first, then remove and replace the sand with new sand. Then test and seal the entire surface (including sand joints) with one of the sealers classified as "densifying" in the  Surface Type