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Eliminate traffic wear to a sealer's gloss

Any glossy sealer, from any manufacturer including Aldon, will eventually show some dulling in traffic patterns.

A "Lifeguard" coating will protect almost all manufacturers sealers from traffic wear. And, it does not wear any faster than the underlying sealer.

When the "Lifeguard" eventurally shows a wear pattern - simply pour and spread in the traffic pattern only, not the whole floor. Thirty minutes later, you have a renewed floor.

"Lifeguard" characteristics

  • Increases shine
  • Dries quickly
  • Blends together beautifully
  • Increases skid resistance
  • Takes the wear instead of the sealer.

"Lifeguard" does not penetrate, but instead, forms a tough film over any surface (including grout joints) if that surface is by its nature non-absorbent, or will be made so with the appropriate sealer.

Other features of "Lifeguard"

  • Ease of application - pour and spread only, no buffing
  • Fast drying - dry enough to walk on in 30 minutes
  • Touch up - add back to worn areas and blends with older areas
  • Tough - very long lasting film
  • Easy to clean - added gloss smooths rough textures that trap dirt

To create a surface that reduces dirt entrapment and improves ease of cleaning for "Stone Look" glaze finishes and "Matte" finish glazes, see Aldon "Tile Cover".