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Surface Is Taking More Sealer Than Anticipated?

If it is an Aldon sealer and you are following the application instructions - the surface is much more porous than you thought. Yes, the increased consumption will cost more for additional sealer. However, what this means is that you are doing the exact right thing to prevent problems with the surfacing. Typically, the more porous the surface the softer it is. Soft surfaces can break down, stain easily, etc. You are using the sealer to make the surface stronger and better.

How to cut down on the gallons needed:

Wait at least 3 hours between sealer application so the first application has a chance to cure somewhat and "support" succeeding applications.

Make sure you are following the directions and not letting it evaporate from an intermediate container.

The more your flooring absorbs sealer, the weaker and softer the material is and the more it needs the sealer to reinforce it. However, if it is taking more than 100 square feet per gallon - stop and contact us. There might be something unforseen.