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Why Do Some Sealers Cost $150 Per Gallon? Are They Better?

They are good products using a different chemical technology. They are usually one of the fluoro/silicone based materials and are very expensive. However, typically you are paying a lot of extra money for the idea - "If it cost more, it must be better!" The reality does not match the idea.

Cost per square foot over time is the real measure of value:

Look at the cost per square foot and not the cost per gallon. Look at how many years the sealer will last before needing a reapplication. Therefore, the price analysis you should do is $/square foot times the number of years. For example: $50 per gallon that seals 500 square feet is $50/500=$.10/square foot. If the sealer (not Aldon's) lasts only one year that is $.10 per square foot per year. If it lasts for 3 years, that is $.10/3= $.033 per year. If the sealer lasts for 5 years, the cost is $ .10/5 or only $.01 per square foot. Aldon sealers will last longer than this, especially if protected from traffic wear with Aldon Lifeguard . Another consideration is - do you really want to move furniture out of the room every year?

Aldon makes sealers that cost more (and considerably less), but the question is - are they worth that compared to the alternatives for your project?

Any sealer should do the job of designed protection and provide the desired finished appearance and longevity.

All Aldon sealers meet those criteria, regardless of cost. Actually, Aldon sealers do more than that as you may have seen elsewhere on our web site.

In fact, there is a significant downside to using a very expensive sealer.

Because of the high cost factor, it will invariably be "painted on" with minimal penetration into the material. This means that all the benefits described elsewhere by deep penetration sealing are lost. The net effect is that the high cost of those sealers defeats their proper use. You spend more money to get a higher risk, less effective job than if an Aldon sealer was used. This is why we receive so many emails from people wondering why their very expensive non-Aldon sealer isn't working.

Our most expensive sealers are used on dense surfaces where the coverage is very high and the per square foot cost is then quite low.

Sometimes, despite your diligent research and the best of intentions of your suppliers salesperson, you might have been given the wrong information. Therefore, no matter how confident you are, whether first time user or seasoned professional, it just makes good sense to patch test a small area and evaluate the results in a few hours before doing a large area.

Most Aldon sealers have more than one area they can be used in any project. Check sealer information on the web site.