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Why does Aldon NOT have a dedicated technical service hot line for sealer problems?   Because, we do not need it!

The development of Aldon's products and marketing revolve around the concept that if a user does not have the answers to all their questions at the time of product purchase, they should not make the purchase. Something is not right and risk is high. In these situations, our policy has been - don't purchase a product yet. Instead, contact Aldon for assistance.. However, this need is extremely rare.

When you request technical assistance with most companies ( in all industries ) you are usually talking to somebody who either has been with the company less than one year and can only provide limited assistance, or is an outsourced service handling only the most simple issues. Many times this is nothing more than reading you a specification sheet that you already have seen and does not address your issue. Since you have a computer, you have certainly experienced this.

That low level of knowledgable assistance is not acceptable for the sake of our reputation and your expensive flooring.

Aldon has a form to quickly acquire the necessary information from you, then route it to the person most qualified to assist.

In reality, you really should not need us for assistance because everything is already covered in the web site. However, there are always new, different, or unforeseen circumstances and we are happy to help.

Consider what it means that Aldon does not need a technical service telephone hotline!

Click here for the "Request for Technical Assistance" form.