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Can Aldon Sealers Be Used On Materials Not Shown On The Surface Types page?

Yes, after verifying the appropriateness of the product. All Aldon sealers are used in the absolute worst of conditions - flooring. Any wall surface, which obviously is not subject to foot traffic, is "a piece of cake".

For antique plaster finishes (Venetian is one of the terms for this) Aldon "Same Day Sealer" is particularly good. This finish is highly susceptible to staining and the sealers used by installers do virtually nothing. "Same Day" protects the plaster with usually no change to appearance at all.

Sometimes, despite your diligent research and the best of intentions of your suppliers salesperson, you might have been given the wrong information. Therefore, no matter how confident you are, whether first time user or seasoned professional, it just makes good sense to patch test a small area and evaluate the results in a few hours before doing a large area.

Most Aldon sealers have more than one area they can be used in any project. Check sealer information on the web site.