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Can you paint over a sealer?

Maybe, but.....

A sealer's job is to repel things. This can apply to creating a poor bonding situation with paint. The only way to know is to do a small test area and evaluate over a few weeks time. If you really must paint the surface, take the gloss down to the surface and then use sandpaper to roughen up the surface to improve the "grabbing" ability of the paint.

Can you seal over paint or ink design- (painted wood, painted tile, ink design printed on tile, etc.)?

Yes, and this is especially important for the protection of tiles that have a painted on design. However, there are critical issues to consider before you start testing.

  • A water based sealer might or might not bond to the paint - depending on the paint.
  • A solvent based sealer will usually bond to the paint, but also might dissolve the paint. The best answer to test an aerosol spray can of
  • This will allow you to create a film of sealer on top of the painted design and remaining tile face without the problems created by using a tool that could touch the surface and harm the design. If an ink or paint were to soften from the sealer, it should all dry out intact. This must be tested thoroughly before proceeding.

This spray-on sealer coating can be done before the tile are grouted so as to protect the design from grouting abrasion, or after grouting when sealing the grout and tile at the same time.

The only way to know is to do a small test area and evaluate over a few weeks time.

Sometimes, despite your diligent research and the best of intentions of your suppliers salesperson, you might have been given the wrong information. Therefore, no matter how confident you are, whether first time user or seasoned professional, it just makes good sense to patch test a small area and evaluate the results in a few hours before doing a large area.

Most Aldon sealers have more than one area they can be used in any project. Check sealer information on the web site.