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Will Acid (muriatic or other) Remove My Sealer?

It is a common misconception that acid will remove a sealer.

Acid does not react with sealers to achieve removal. You will notice that the typical acid reaction of "fizzing" will be missing. Any results received will be from agitation and brush abrasion, not the acid. See the Aldon products page for the stripper that will remove your sealer.

There are some exceptions to this with sealers from other manufacturer's, and with Aldon Same Day Sealer. Same Day Sealer can be effected by overuse of acids that would potentially require some touch up.

This is why mineral deposits on top of most Aldon sealers are easier and safer to remove than without the sealer. The sealer is not effected by the acid in an Aldon acidic cleaner and the underlying surfacing is protected from the cleaner. However ,as always, test first to prevent surprises due to misdiagnosis of conditions.