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Treatment for Odor Control

First Step:

Saturate with "Insta-Clean" and blot into a clean white cloth. Repeat as necessary. Flushing with clean water is fine, but may not be needed.

This process will remove the source and reduce the odor as much as is reasonably possible to achieve.

Sealing with the appropriate (see Surface Types) penetrating sealer is theoretically beneficial as follows, but we do not have any history of the level of success.

The idea is to provide:

  • A subsurface barrier to slow down or eliminate the emergence of the vapors. However, all sealers must "breathe" somewhat as described elsewhere.
  • Elimination of the entry of water (from mopping, sprinklers, rain, etc.). Water entering, contacting the source, then evaporating is a large contributing factor to odor.

Finish with Aldon "Lifeguard", if desired, and clean normally.