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In order to properly evaluate cleaners from manufacturer to manufacturer- here are a few things to consider:

  • Is it non-abrasive, non-acidic? Therefore, it can be used on marble and limestone without damaging them? Aldon "Insta-Clean" is safe on marble and limestone.
  • Is there a program of cleaning in stages of increasing agressivness? Aldon's concept is start with the least aggressive product and increase only as necessary.
  • Is there an integrated program of compatible products that care for all situations possible in a project? With Aldon there is that program.
  • Is there a series of mutually compatible products to protect and care for a project from before installation (Aldon "Grout Easy") and all the way through the installation lifetime including daily dusting (Aldon "Dust Whiz")?
  • Is there a strong, but safe, cleaner for cement stains on the tile face? Aldon has "Grout Residue Remover / Brick and Block Cleaner".
  • Is there a way to easily treat efflorescence (white powdery stains on the surface). Aldon has "Efflorescence Treatment".
  • More? ... See "Cleaning" section located in the Problem Solving Section