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If an Aldon sealer is:

  1. Chosen correctly for the application goals
  2. Applied as directed

It should:

  • Not need to be re-applied for a very long time, if ever.
  • Not peel or discolor
  • Save more money from the application labor cost than the sealer cost.
  • "Breathe" (not trap moisture beneath the surface)

And can also (depending on sealer type):

  • Enhance natural material colors (solvent-penetrating type)
  • Improve color defects in grout and/or surface material (solvent-penetrating type)
  • On exteriors - eliminate freeze/thaw spalling (popping the surface) caused by exterior water entry (penetrating type)
  • Stop efflorescence salts from migrating to the surface (penetrating type)
  • Strengthen weak grout or surface material (solvent-penetrating type)
  • Strengthen bond of grout to surfacing edge (solvent-penetrating type)
  • Stop lime pops on Mexican Tile (solvent-penetrating type)
  • Not change appearance at all (water-penetrating type)

And also -- look pretty!