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How do I calculate the amount of sealer needed for the entire floor/wall?

How do I calculate the amount of sealer needed for ONLY my grout joints?

This depends on the absorption rating of the flooring and the "Quantity Guideline" for each product. This gives you a reasonable estimate, but first testing samples  Samples of Aldon products  and then ordering less than your think the entire project will take is a good way to not over order products. However, almost all products have more usages than just this one project so any overage should not be wasted.

Getting a reasonable estimte of quantities:

For the entire floor of surfacing and grout:
  1. Find the absorption range of the surface: Each type of surfacing is found on the surface type page in  Surface Types . If yours is not shown there, pick one that is similar.

  2. Find the products "Quantity Guideline": On the ordering pages for each product are the "Quantity Guidelines" that give you a range depending on the absorption of the surface as found above. The ordering page is reached at  clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick . Click your state, then click the product. Scroll down the page to the quantity guideline.

For ONLY grout joints alone:

Wide joints (over 1/8" wide) are a "sanded grout" and usually medium absorption. Any additives (polimers, acrylics, epoxies, etc.) added to the grout by the grout manufacturer or the installer will make it less absorbent.

Narrow joints (under 1/8" wide) are usually an "unsanded grout" and are usually low to very low absorption.

  1. Find the "Quantity Guideline" of the sealer as above. It will tell you the approximate square footage per gallon.
  2. Multiply the width of the grout joints by the lineal footage of all grout joints. This gives you the square footage and tells you how much sealer is needed per the quantity guideline.
    For example:
    • 1/2" wide grout joints and all grout joints add up to 100 feet.
    • 100 feet is 1200 inches of grout joint
    • 1200 inches times .5 inches wide is 600 square inches of grout joints
    • One square foot is 144 square inches. Therefore, 600 square inches divided by 144 = 4.16 square feet of grout joint to be sealed.