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Aldon sealers designated "color enhancing" - what will they do?

An Aldon color enhancing sealer:

  • Will - On most surfaces types (stone, grout, tile) make the natural colors become stronger. This is similar to what you see by putting water on the surface, except the effect is permanent.
  • Will not - add a pigment color or tint to a surface. The sealers do not have pigment in them.
  • Will not - darken a surface, although the color enhancing effect may appear that way.
  • Will - many times even out grout color mismatches if the differences are not too severe.
  • Will - many times make unremovable stains disappear if the stains not too severe.

See Surface Type for this and other options that a sealer can provide.

(Note: The amount of color enhancement can vary from zero to quite a bit.  Generally, but not always, there is very little enhancement on porous materials like Mexican tile and standard clay brick, and a lot of color enhancement on denser surfaces like concrete slabs, quarry tile, etc.  However, there also might not be any color enhancement on a dense surface like polished marble.  Therefore, you can only get an idea from an actual test. Click here for ordering samples. Samples of Aldon products