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Tips about how many applications of a sealer to apply:
         (May vary somewhat from sealer to sealer and surface type to surface type)

  • It is not a matter of a set number of coats. You apply as many applications as are required to reach your goals. It varies with your technique and the absorption of the surfacing.
  • One heavy application is better than two light ones. This is explained on the label.
  • The first application is the most important and is the one that gives you a good seal job. The following applications are only to complete the sealing or to get the finish look you want.
  • Please read the label and note the description of the process of penetration, buildup, etc.
  • The label is not just on the package. It is also reproduced on the product's web page in the Product List section. Look toward the bottom of that page. You will also see a button for tips/troubleshooting. That page talks about all the things that should be considered on any project and will give you an even more clear picture of the whole process as it might apply to you.
  • You should not have to re-apply an Aldon sealer unless it wears down from traffic wear. See Aldon Lifeguard to prevent traffic wear.
  • Ordering samples is always recommended as the best way to make decisions and avoid surprises. Applying a small sample test area is a different process than the entire floor. See sample bottle label for directions.