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Some Suggestions Before Choosing the Sealer

  1. See "FAQ Sealers". There, you will find all the frequently asked questions about sealing.
  2. Look at the characteristics of your floor or wall material in Surface Types. It is quite likely you will learn things that you had never considered, but can be important. Also, you will be assisted in identifying what that floor material really is before ordering a sealer based on a wrong assumption. Quite often a manufacturer or distributor will give an item a nice name for marketing reasons, but it completely misleads people when classifying for a sealing catagory.
    For instance
    • Naming a limestone as ".......... Granite" when the two are completely different stones.
    • Naming a cement tile that is colored and finished to look like a mexican tile as "........... Mexican Tile".
    These are completely different materials with different needs than their names indicate.

    See Surface Type to confirm your choice.

  3. If the sealer determined to be the best for your application is indicated as not producing as high a gloss level as you want, use it anyway to insure a permanent, no problem seal job. The gloss level can be produced or increased on any sealed surface with the use of Lifeguard.