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In order to properly evaluate sealers from manufacturer to manufacturer- here are a few things to consider:

  • For many other manufacturers (such as grout manufacturers) sealers and cleaners are a very small part of their business. In many cases, they do not even make the products and only put their name on the label. Aldon makes only sealers and cleaners. It is our specialty.
  • Does the label say to reapply once a year or less? We do not, because Aldon sealers do not break down from ultraviolet light, time, etc (unless otherwise noted on the label and/or web site). Only traffic wear dulls an Aldon (or any companies) glossy sealer and that is preventable with Aldon "Lifeguard".
  • Does the label say "indoor use only"? We do not, because all Aldon sealers are used outdoors and indoors - in all climates from desert to snow country.
  • Does the label say "Do not clean with ....". An Aldon sealer does not have those cleaning limitations.
  • Does the label say to use a buffing machine to finish. That is not done with Aldon sealers.
  • Does the label say to use another sealer first on an absorbent surface? Not only is it not necessary if you use the right Aldon sealer, it is a procedure recommended against by Aldon. The first sealer is highly likely to cause peeling of the second sealer.
  • Does the label say "Professional Use Only" or it will streak? Aldon products do not carry that warning and are used by professional contractors and by do-it-yourself homeowners.
  • Does the label say it is ok to spray the sealer on a floor application? If it is a penetrating type sealer doesn't it make sense that it should penetrate and not be a paint job that does not reinforce the flooring, stop efflorescence, etc.
  • A cheap sealer is a definite cause for concern. What is the labor cost and aggravation of doing the job over and over as the sealer breaks down.
  • A more expensive sealer does not mean it accomplishes any more than an Aldon sealer. What are you getting for that extra $30 to $100 per gallon that an Aldon sealer won't do?
  • If a sealer label says a sealer cleans from hands or equipment with soap and water, it is not likely to be a permanent sealer.
  • If a sealer label says it is OK to use that sealer to "pre-seal" or function as a "grout release" - think about it. See the Aldon PROBLEM SOLVING" section regarding this risky procedure.

More? ... See "Sealers - Frequently Asked Questions" reached from the "Problem Solving" section.