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What about guarantees on Aldon products?

Some other manufacturers use guarantees as a marketing tool. However, read the fine print.

Usually guarantees are written so that if a sealer does not hold up during the guarantee period it is the fault of the application, not the product. The same is true of cleaners and other products. Therefore, nothing is gained regarding the goals of the project and the price you pay for the product includes the cost of dealing with the paperwork, liability for frivolous claims, etc. that are generated by this "guarantee" designed to provide a level of false security in order to sell products. Aldon does not believe in this practice. We consider it to be a practice that actually increases the risk of preventable problems.

Our products are not a piece of machinery like an automobile or computer that can be guaranteed to do an exact and certain thing. These products are used on highly variable surface types and conditions and a little common sense will show that it is not possible to guarantee how a product will act on any particular surface. The variables are too great in terms of:

  • Diagnosis of the conditions.
  • Severity of a cleaning situation.
  • Absorption variations of a stone, brick, or tile surfacing.
  • What has occurred, or been used, on the project previously.
  • The definition of the end result appearance by the decision maker.
Therefore, is it not misleading to create the impression that results can be guaranteed without testing of each unique project with its own unique conditions? You can have the same surfacing on two adjacent projects and have different results due to variations in the surfacing itself, variations in installations, variations in sun, water, dirt, exposure.

Many times an architect/designer or an installer will want the manufacturer to provide a guarantee that the desired results will be obtained. That is obviously impossible to guarantee when only the people on the job site are capable of evaluating testing and application techniques. Then, you can see that all the manufacturer's guarantee would do is transfer responsibility away from the very individuals who are the only ones capable of deciding how to proceed. This creates the increased risk of preventable problems.

Here is the key thing about Aldon products and it is very simple and straight forward:

"Aldon products do what we say they do."
The issue is: "Will a certain Aldon product do what you want?".

Aldon provides a much more valuable feature than the marketing ploy "guarantee". We have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that you, the only qualified decision maker, have all the information and testing ability necessary to choose the correct product, or to not purchase unless your confidence level is high. Once you have invested in an Aldon product, we are readily available for help if needed. But, it is rarely needed. The goal is to get the job done correctly the first time. The goal is not to create a finger pointing disaster because a piece of paper shifted responsibility to the wrong parties.