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Spraying the solvent based sealers:

There are two ways to look at this issue.

  1. Small jobs - buy a cheap sprayer for under $20.00 (garden type) that might only last for 2 or 3 gallons. These (including expensive back pack types) are made for insecticides, weed control, and other garden usage. The seals may not hold up to petroleum solvents.

  2. Larger jobs - buy a more expensive ($60-$80 range) that will hold up for a large job and maybe more - see below.

  3. Very large jobs - use painters spray equipment - air or airless. These are fine for projects with medium to high absorption

    For projects with none to low absorption, experiment with lower pressure settings and a fine spray tip. Our aerosol cans use a 18/100 oriface spray tip, but use the finest available for the equipment and adjust pressure and technique as needed. There is a video here that shows the spraying process and it is the same for small or large applications on this absorption range. It amounts to - create a liquid layer and let it self level and dry.

However, given all that, whatever works best for you on any individual project is fine. Just watch for rubber seals being dissolved rapidly by solvents.

Here is a sprayer that we have been told by installers works very well for spraying our petroleum solvent based sealers, but we have not done our own testing. "Viton" seals are very solvent resistant and the sprayer can last for more than just one project. They also have "fan" tips available.

Manufacturer:  CHAPIN ........Mfg.   Model#:  2236

You can find these to order from multiple sources, but here is one we found at February 2005 - "Grainger". Grainger is a nationwide supplier of industrial equipment with a very good reputation and availability:

Search for Grainger part number: 3XL17 and/or 3XL18

(They show this sprayer being rated for acidic liquids like some of the Aldon cleaners also.)

For very small projects with Aldon S-B-S Sealer, you can use our aerosol spray cans. If you already have gallons on hand, there are disposable sprayers available at hardware stores. Click here for information on these.