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Can I use your solvent based sealer in my state?

You may have been told by someone that solvent based sealers cannot be used in your state or county. This is true for many manufacturers, but not true for Aldon. The reason is that some states have rules for the maximum allowable percentage of "Volitile Organic Compounds" (VOC's). Each of our sealers is labeled with the VOC content and each sealer meets the strictest Federal and State requirements.

Many manufacturers cannot meet those requirements because it costs considerably more money for the solvents that meet the limits. This is also the same reason ($) you see almost all solvent based sealers are flammable. Aldon sealers are not "flammable", but rated only as "combustible". It does cost more for the solvents that let us stay well above a flammable rating and meet VOC requirements, but we provide a high level of safety for our customers and the environment.

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