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Product: "Porous Stone Sealer"

This product is no longer available. But don't worry!.

"Porous Stone Sealer" has been replaced by "Penetrating Paver Sealer" -for medium to high absorption surfaces (i.e. driveway pavers, Saltillos, many of the stones, brick, and tile)

Characteristics of "Penetrating Paver Sealer":

  • Creates a lower gloss on medium absorption Surface Types than "Mexiglaze"
  • Penetrates deeply - which you want for the best bond and other benefits you will see described elsewhere.
  • Saves you about $3.00 a gallon over Mexiglaze.
Just click here to review & order "Penetrating Paver Sealer".

If your project was originally done with "Porous Stone Sealer", you should not notice a difference in finish appearance with "Penetrating Paver Sealer"- but, as always, test a very small section to confirm any conditions that might exist now.

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