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Product: "Porous Stone Sealer"

This product is no longer available. But don't worry!.

"Porous Stone Sealer" has been replaced by:
  • "Mexiglaze" - for very absorbent surfaces (i.e. sandstone, Mexican tile)

  • "Penetrating Paver Sealer" -for medium absorption surfaces (i.e. driveway pavers, many of the stones, brick, etc.)

About "Mexiglaze":
The formula and performance of Aldon "Mexiglaze Stone & Tile Sealer" has been enhanced for more than a year and now replaces "Porous Stone Sealer" with increased cost benefits for you. It's higher level of solids will take fewer gallons to fill highly absorbent tile and stone (i.e. sandstone, Mexican tile, etc.).
Just click here to review & order "Mexiglaze".

About "Penetrating Paver Sealer":

If you have a surfacing that would be classified as medium absorption (i.e. most pavers, stones, brick, etc.) "Penetrating Paver Sealer" will achieve the following when compared to "Mexiglaze":
  • Create a lower gloss on medium absorption Surface Types than "Mexiglaze"
  • Penetrate deeper - which you want for the best bond and other benefits you will see described elsewhere.
  • Save you about $3.00 a gallon.
Just click here to review & order "Penetrating Paver Sealer".

If your project was originally done with Porous Stone Sealer, you should not notice a difference in finish appearance with either of these other products- but, as always, test a very small section to confirm any conditions that might exist now.

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