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Easily Restore & Refresh their look

Why is the look so important?

Even if your home is not for sale, your driveway appearance creates the first, very important, impression of your home.

OK, the driveway looks kind of dull and beat up. Now what?

There are numerous reasons that the look could have declined over a few years. No worries! We show you what to consider, then how to fix it. Without a lot of money, time, and work. You can review those reasons below, or go right to the two pages that short cut the process:
  1. Learn about your pavers at: Driveway Pavers
  2. The primary product to rejuvenate your pavers: Penetrating Paver Sealer

So, why do my pavers look bad?: (you can review all these subjects on the web site if you want.)
  • Old sealer: Many paver manufacturer's sell a sealer under their name. It is not made by them, it is made for them with the price being a major decision factor. The paver manufacturer then pushes the use of their sealer. This gives the manufacturer another product to sell, but unlike Aldon, it is not their main interest by far. It may, or may not, be a high quality product in these high traffic wear applications.
    If a sealer that doesn't hold up as well as Aldon's was applied in the past, it can be that the sealer is coming apart. That usually looks cloudy and white/grey. You might even see flaking. This can be removed and redone with a high quality sealer designed for these very high traffic abrasion installations.
  • Fading: Concrete & clay brick products do not lighten in color. If that is what you see, it is microscopic particles of white "efflorescence" salts trapped in the texture. These can be removed with no scrubbing by using Aldon "Efflorescence Treatment".
  • Scratches: Yes, these can be removed unless they are deep gouges into the surface with "Grout Residue Remover". See also Driveway Pavers
  • Stains: Yes, these also can be removed in most cases. The causes are many and there are many solutions for more severe stains. The first step that will remove most stains is Insta-Clean.

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