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How to Achieve High Gloss for Less Money!

Just Evaluate These Options & Decide:

Keep these things in mind as you consider:
  • Our sealers can do a lot more than just look pretty. But, you may not need any of the problem solving options that are inherent in some of them.
  • The price has nothing to do with performance. All our sealers are tough and long lasting.
  • The question to answer here is - "What is the most sensible choice for what you really need?"

  1. Do you have a surface subject to errosion or deterioration that you want to make stronger?
  2. Do you have white powder that keeps coming out on the surface?
  3. Do you have minor color issues or stains to try to disappear?
  4. Do you want the color to look like it does when it is wet?
It the answer to all the above is "NO", or even "Not worth paying extra for", and all you really want is a long lasting, glossy finish that stops staining. Then you do not need to pay extra for all those options that come with the petroleum solvent based sealers.

All you need to achieve a high gloss, stain repelling finish at the best cost per gallon is Crystal Glaze Sealer.

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