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I think this is costing too much!

That may be the case. There are a couple of things to consider:

Here is how to lower the cost of your order:
2 or more single containers of a product is less per unit than 1 single container of that product.
4 or more single containers of any kind lowers the cost even more.
A case is the lowest cost per unit of that product

Some thoughts about the prices of sealers:

This discussion is not about justifying our prices. You will see that our base prices vary with formula type and with the discounting you decide to take. This discussion is about understanding your real project cost.

After reading this, if you decide to purchase something on sale at a big box store - that is fine! We want you to do what makes you comfortable. We have everything you need, including this information to fix it later if you need that.

Why do costs per gallon vary so widely and why you cannot go by cost per gallon:

. Cost per gallon has nothing to do with the real question. The real question is: Is this sealer the best choice for your particular project?
. Does the application require being done 3 or 4 times. That is more sealer, more time, more work. Depending on absorption, Aldon sealers require one or maybe two applications.
. Sealing is not something you want to do each year. If a cheap sealer needs to be done once a year and the right sealer only needs to be done in 3 years (or longer with ours) the true project cost is 3 times the cheap sealer purchase price. Not to mention the labor cost and annoyance of moving furniture.

Prices: (We make many of these types, so there is not bias involved).
. The pricing of any manufacturer's sealer (including ours) depends on the formula type. Petroleum solvent types cost more than most water base types.
. Sealer technologies (acryslic vs. fluorosurfactant repellents vs. silanes vs. nanotechnology vs. silicones, etc.) have greatly different costs. What matters is not the technology. What matters is what do you really need. Don't overpay for marketing words with no benefit. Our sealers are designed to provide the options you actually need.

What does it cost you per square foot, not gallon:
. If you have a very low absorption material (i.e. polished marble, quartzite, some slates, etc.) you will get hundreds of square feet per gallon. If the sealer cost $100 per gallon and has the attributes you need, that sounds very expensive. However, if it seals a low absorption material at the rate of 1,000 square feet per gallon that is only $.10 per square foot. A very inexpensive cost, yet an expensive sealer per gallon.
. If you have a very high absorption material, it almost always needs to be made stronger with the right sealer. For example, a Mexican tile is very absorbent and will take 2-3 applications. of a $50.00 per gallon sealer. Therefore, the cost might be approximately $.50 per square foot.
. So, it is not the cost per gallon. The decision really is what sealer do you need to accomplish your goals for a particular project..

This is an investment. Don't overpay for features you don't need. If you do not need the extra benefits of our penetrating solvent based sealers (strengthening of the material, color enhancement, stopping efflorescence, etc. ) see these water base sealers for a lower cost, but excellent, option - Crystal Glaze or Same Day Sealer.

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