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Care - Ongoing Easy Care For Flooring

Mopping and Dusting - Easier than carpet

Cleaning - Surface Preparation - Stain Treatment

Algae, Mildew, Mold, Moss
     Clean it and prevent from coming back!
Aluminum Siding Runoff Stains
     Options for cleaning
Carpet Glue, Vinyl Glue, Sealants, Tar
     Mastic, adhesive. Tips on removal!
Caulk issues: sealing over, remove smears from caulking
     Silicone, butyl, caulking compounds, tubes
Clay Stains On Masonry
     Clean and Prevent
Cement Stains & Smears From Grouting Or Mortar
     Remove from tile, masonry, glass, paint
     Do not use muriatic acid.
     For standard cement (or poly, latex, acrylic enhanced, additive bleed-out)
     For color pigmented grout
     For dust & drips from concrete cutting
      See other page for "epoxy" grout
Choosing Cleaners
     The wrong one could hurt the finish!
Efflorescence (White/gray, Powdery Stains)
     Treat w/o cleanup, prevent return
Fading of colors - isn't!
     Fade, Fading of tile, brick, stone, stucco, concrete block, pavers
General Cleaning & Stain Removal
     From small spots to walls of buildings
     Grout, Mortar, Tile, Stone, Brick
Graffiti & Paint Removal
     Cleaning and prevention program
Glazed tile - Spots, Deposits
     Remove without harm
     Some can stain!
Marble, Limestone
     Caution - Cleaners can hurt
Pet Stains
     Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc.
Redoing a Previously Sealed Surface - removing sealers

     This process causes many unnecessary problems only
     due to lack of information! Stripping, remove, resealing
Removing stains from grouting with epoxy grout
     A completely different process than cement grout

Rubber residue from carpet backing
     latex, rug, bottom, underside stains on tile or sealer.
Rust Stains, brown
     Clean & prevent: concrete, stone, grout , iron, fertilizer
Soft areas coming up
     Powdering out, spalling, flaking
Swimming Pool decks and other water features
     fountains, water falls, spas,
Surface Texture Trapping Dirt
     Improve without changing appearance
Soot, Air Pollution, Dirt, Grease, Oil
     Buildings, walls, fireplaces, floors, driveway
Streaks, Smears
     On tile floors
Wax Removal
     Floor wax, candle wax
White Stains - Various Inc. Hard Water Mineral Deposits
     Haze from mop water, rain, sprinklers
     Haze after cleaning or stain removal process
     Soap scum, splotchy residue
     Pool deck, patios, flower pots, showers, driveways


Restoration of damaged grout
     Removing mild to worst case staining
     Grout, Mortar, Tile, Stone, Brick
Acid cleaner caused weakening, flaking, powdering of
     Limestone - Marble - Concrete
Burns, discolorations from muriatic acid
      Brick, block, grout - uneven yellow/green/tan marks
Color Problems: uneven - mismatch - light - dark
     grout, tile, stone, brick, removal of chemical treatments and colorants
Dull, Worn Tile Finish - Batch or lot differences in tile finish
     Rough spots, even out gloss between dull and shiny tile
Filling, patching holes in stones
     filling, patching, Marble, Tile, Stone, Brick
Grout Damaged
      Made rough and grainy by acid overuse
Etching, dulling or Scratching Damage - Fixing
     From acidic like vinegar, fruit juice, wine
     on Limestone, Marble, Cement
Patch Soft, Crumbling, Cracking, Powdering,
Eroding, Flaking, chips, holes

     Erosion, Strengthen & Repair Grout, Tile, Brick, slabs
Redoing a Previously Sealed Surface - removing sealers
     This process causes many unnecessary problems only
     due to lack of information! Stripping, remove, resealing
Restoration of Old Buildings, Historical
     brick, tuck pointing, cleaning
Restoration of trim paint
     wood, metal
Restoration of copper
     copper trim, drip edge, gutter, finish
Slate Color
     Lightened by aggressive cleaning
Sand joints & "stabilizer" is failing.
     pavers, sand glue, bonder
Terrazzo Restoration
     Remove glue, patch holes, restore shine.

Installation Of Surfacing Materials:

Pre-sealing (Apply sealer before Grouting)
     Why it can be risky
Grouting - How to!
     Mixing and application technique
Pavers With Sand Joints
     Stabilize and stop sand loss

Miscellaneous Issues:

Aging, Antiquing of Marble & Limestone
     Lightly etching a glossy polished stone

Curing Compounds
     water cure, concrete cure
Moisture: Cellar, Crawlspace, Retaining Wall, Decks
     Dampness, efflorescence coming
     through the walls, water leak, wet
Shower floor leaks
      water leak, wet
Concrete Slab Sub-Floor Moisture
     Dampness, efflorescence coming
     up, wood floor warping
Dark Borders On Shower Tile
     Water wicking into tile edge
"Faux" surfaces
     paint, color treat, marble, granite
Identifying surfacing
     It may not be what you were told!
Mismatched Gloss Or Color - Apply color stain
     Stone, brick, tile batch differences
    tinting, painting, coloring, evening gloss
My ... has different opinions than Aldon
     expert, consultant, contractor, builder,
     store, salesman, theory, diagnosis,
      recommendation, dealer,
     manufacturer, distributor, advisor
Odor Problem - pet stains
     Pet urine, vapors, other smells
Paint over old, ugly tile and grout
     Grout colorants other options
Reduce glossy mirror type reflectiveness of flooring
     Public restrooms, bathrooms, toilet
Shower Wall
     Dark at the bottom tile rows
"Slippery When Wet" Floors
     Showers, pools, patios, decks, traction, grit
Snow removal issues with pavers
     Pavers of concrete or clay.

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