Lacquer Thinner is a generic name for a petroleum based solvent blend. It is available at all paint, hardware, and home improvement stores.

Lacquer Thinner is recommended because it is stronger than mineral spirits, mineral thinner, and paint thinner.


  • Because it is a generic name, not all lacquer thinners are the same strength.
  • Look for the contents list where the major components are: Toluene (Toluol), Xylene (Xylol), Methyl Ethyl Keytone.

    Some large home improvement store products may contain these ingredients, but may also be diluted with less expensive ingredients. That can mean it is not as strong as it should be and you will need to use more of it and possibly, more rubbing to get the results. Usually, a quality paint store has the best formula.

  • Lacquer Thinner is flammable. Read all the label cautions.