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* IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Click here to read safety information and Consumer Product Safety Commission updated labeling guidance for products containing methylene chloride.
(Note: Some products contain Methylene Chloride/Dichloromethane/DCM. Vapor Harmful in enclosed, unventilated spaces).

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Surface types

What you will not see here:

What you will see here:
See the surface type you have: (click here to see them all.)

But First - remove the guess work about sealer results on your project:

Most people have no idea about the history and characteristics of their flooring. You can click this link to see how to easily test with water drops and understand which sealer is most appropriate for your goals.

Some questions you may not be thinking to ask right now that could become important:
    . Was it sealed in the past? Does that matter?
    . Will a new sealer be compatible with whatever was used before?
    . What sealer will give the visual results you want?
    . Will you also be able to have a sealer solve problems? ( Answer: yes. Just know which to pick.)

Mexican Saltillos Slate All Natural Stone Bluestone
Tabletops Flagstone Used Brick Sandstone
Driveway Pavers Patio Pavers Grout / Mortar Brick
Limestone Travertine Concrete Block Granite
Concrete Slab Marble Concrete Tile Porcelain Tile
Exposed Agg. Factory Sealed Glazed Tile Quarry Tile
Terracotta Tile Mfg. Stone